Think of all the places where it is now possible to post a review online. From transportation services and hotel stays to the meal or movie you just bought, it seems people are asking for five-star reviews almost everywhere. That’s because in the digital age, much of the customer experienceRead More →

pagan online attracted me with its collection of distinct heroes and a campaign story loosely based on Slavic mythology. The gods of this world are gone, and it’s up to the hero to save them before darkness envelops everything. It seemed like an exciting, albeit relatively straightforward, task for thisRead More →

Young people are spending more and more time on devices. Children between eight and 12 years old spend nearly six hours online a day on average. Although this statistic seems quite high, it is important to consider what children are doing online. There are many educational websites and online gamesRead More →

Who would have thought when the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 that we would have virtually every genre imaginable represented in one form or another. Line shooters. Competitive fighting games. Full ARPGs. the parcel. Who would have thought that we would have full-fledged MMORPGs on a Nintendo portable console? AndRead More →