If that last Leeds Song Lieder Spring Weekend gig had one flaw, it stood in the opposite direction: abundant generosity that saw Dame Sarah Connolly and pianist and festival director Joseph Middleton pack a project. complete (presented by presenter Tom McKinney) with intensely flavored major works almost to the limitsRead More →

Instead, what he and his band offer are experiences that go beyond pure recitals, bringing together elements of poetry, theatricality and improbable juxtaposition, giving old music a new sound and allowing a new musical space to breathe alongside established classics. Over Christmas, I reviewed their contribution to a previous Voces8Read More →

When Alex Bennett, a network programmer in Seattle, created JigsawPuzzles.io in 2018, he couldn’t have imagined the impact the multiplayer puzzle website would have during COVID-19. “It was a bit of a sleepy little game,” Bennett said. “There were players, but he had 200 or 400 a day.” However, afterRead More →

MENDOCINO Co., 4/8/21 – The annual sale of beloved spring plants organized by the agricultural department of Mendocino College will begin in mid-April, but given the need to maintain social distances due to the pandemic, the group has established an online website where you can browse and book start-ups andRead More →

It is a technology frowned upon by ethicists: now, researchers hope to unmask the reality of emotion recognition systems to relaunch public debate. Technology designed to identify human emotions using machine learning algorithms is a huge industry, with claims that it could prove useful in a myriad of situations, roadRead More →