2U and edX, major players in slightly different areas of the online learning market, announced Tuesday that they will join forces. The merger of 2U, a publicly traded online program management company, and edX, a nonprofit online course provider, has surprised just about anyone who takes online learning, but hasRead More →

Jackson Hewitt Online is another internet-based tax filing solution that comes from over 6,000 real offices where the company offers the same, only with the benefit of real people assisting you every step of the way. As Jackson Hewitt Online’s name suggests, they’ve taken the best parts of that serviceRead More →

“Grand Theft Auto Online” will join a growing list of outdated games on older platforms in December when Rockstar Game shuts down the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Why is this important: Preservation of video games is one of the biggest challenges when it comes toRead More →

As a warning: I have very little experience with the Bomber franchise. The most I got was to play Bomber on the Nintendo DS with some friends in elementary school and, at least back then, I didn’t care about being competitive. It was just an entertaining game to play withRead More →