CHICAGO- The American Library Association – Reference and User Services Division (RUSA) continues to offer an exceptional combination of repeat and new courses / webinars. Check out our upcoming lineup list below: Artificial intelligence in libraries: its application to reference services and users Six-week course starting Monday October 11, 2021Read More →

With ISL Online, simplicity is the watchword. It is a web-based service designed to help technicians quickly and easily establish on-demand support sessions with remote workers, or configure client computers for secure, unattended access. The online portal is a tidy business. To start a new session, simply select the RemoteRead More →

When Billy Shakespeare said, “The play is the stuff” he must have thought of “Our city”. I realize his quote came years before the 1938 Pulitzer Prize winning play was first performed. But “Our City” is our player. It is an American heritage. It’s like that shoebox full of oldRead More →

The internet is full of amazing games that we can turn to when we need some fun. It doesn’t matter if you like single-player games or playing with friends and strangers, you’ll be able to find something to suit your tastes. If you live in Canada, your choices are limitless,Read More →

picture by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash Kids these days are constantly on their phones and playing games. It’s no wonder that adults often worry about the negative effects of online games on children. But wait! There are actually quite a few benefits when it comes to kids and video games.Read More →

Share0 The gaming world has moved almost entirely online. This is because the internet is becoming more widely available and younger generations are more dependent on it. People can also use it virtually anywhere in the world. Mobile games on phones have become the most popular way to play aRead More →

Online games are becoming extremely popular among all demographic groups. With so many genres, it’s easy to find something fun, whatever your interests or skills. Gone are the days when online games were limited to “gamers” with intense graphics cards, highly responsive hand-eye coordination, and hours to devote to storyRead More →

Vendors should consider developing more learning games, instead of games that serve no purpose other than filling the coffers of game companies. JIN DING / CHINA DAILY A recent announcement from the National Press and Publications Administration in China limits video game playback to a maximum of one hour perRead More →

Have you ever thought about the benefits of online learning? It’s easy to ignore them as most people want to attend face-to-face classes again. Believe it or not, digital learning has some advantages over reality. Let’s start with a quick overview of how e-learning works, so we’re all on theRead More →

ALLEGANY MAGAZINE ONLINE REVIEW: “The Outsiders” by Cumberland Theater “The mark of an exceptional cast and team”, the production is the story of a “group of misfits… learning to run before they walk” BY ANTHONY TAGILIEFERRO Special contribution, Allegany Magazine “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, The Outsiders’ most famous line –Read More →

Everything is shifting from offline to online, fueled by the pandemic, and that has also been a game-changer for the creative economy. Creative professionals continue to seek ways to monetize their talents and knowledge through online education platforms like CLASS101 that bring stable income and improve opportunities. CLASS101, a Seoul-basedRead More →