Black Desert Online Review: Is It Good?

If 2020 has allowed me to do one thing, it’s good to rediscover my inner gamer. All of the “homework” has given me a bit more time to lose myself in virtual worlds, even while my dog ​​sits and licks my hands while I play through my catalog of games. So on paper, Black Desert Online was a given to me. RPG with a huge world to explore, stunning graphics and huge customization? Sign me up!

First impressions

First of all, if you decide to invest your money to get started in Black Desert Online, you need to know what you are getting into. The game takes up just over 50 GB of disk space on your PS4. For comparison, GTA takes up around 80 GB. Considering how deep the world of Black Desert Online sinks, that’s not bad at all.

Unfortunately, this is where things go wrong. I have no problem paying a subscription to have full access to online multiplayer and all that comes with it. But before you even see anything of the game, Black Desert requires you to sign up for Playstation Plus. This is even before you get to the main menu, it doesn’t matter if you see anything in the game before deciding if you want to invest more money in it. That puts it in the pay to win (more like pay to play!) Category of games for me. Not cool Pearl Abyss, not cool at all.

Personalization overkill

Ok, now we’re ready to start playing, aren’t we? Wrong. Choosing a character and customizing it to a level where you are happy is tedious in Black Desert. And that’s being nice. There are 18 different character classes to choose from. Each class has its own personality traits. You can then manipulate them using horoscopes. Honestly, you could spend hours tweaking the looks and clothes of your characters. For example, you can adjust the length of the hairstyle in the front, sides and back. This may appeal to gamers who like to get hardcore when customizing, but to me it feels more like overkill. After almost an hour of sitting in front of my TV, I just went to pick up one of the original characters to finally play.


Once you’re in the game things start to improve. You launch your game on a beginners server, giving you time to get used to the mechanics and level up before taking on some of the meatier challenges on offer. The first missions are all based on dialogue with the other characters and on navigating the world. There are also several higher level events that you can participate in to gain experience faster. It might seem a bit long, especially if you are looking to jump right into the action. But given the scale of the world behind the game, that can be forgiven.

Graphically, the world of Black Desert Online is simply fascinating. We must salute the attention to detail brought to the landscapes. Even down to the level of detail of the characters. I know this might sound a bit contradictory, considering I just scheduled the game for the time it takes to actually start. But that makes the game visually very impressive.

Black Desert Online, is it good?

After the challenges encountered from the start, Black Desert Online turned out to be better than expected. Paying to play bores me at the best of times, so it really managed to put me on a bad note. The customization options available are vast, but the time investment required is just too much for me personally, but may be fine for a more hardcore gamer. And while the graphics are stunning, the gameplay is more suited to players who want and can devote their time to it. More casual gamers would do well to check out our Spiderman review or check out our Assassins Creed Valhalla review.

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