Adult learners are embracing the shift to online learning, having discovered its benefits in the wake of last year’s breaker. And although the change has been a steep learning curve, adult learners and educators have indicated a preference for online learning because of the technology that has made it moreRead More →

In March 2020, students across the country were forced to switch to distance learning due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the pandemic persisted, millions of students continued to learn remotely during the 2020-2021 school year. Throughout this transition, surveys have suggested strong negative feelings about online learning among students. AccordingRead More →

2U and edX, major players in slightly different areas of the online learning market, announced Tuesday that they will join forces. The merger of 2U, a publicly traded online program management company, and edX, a nonprofit online course provider, has surprised just about anyone who takes online learning, but hasRead More →