Movie Maker Online is a completely free browser-based video editor that is a cost-effective option for consumers who want to create videos and slideshows without having to download large software files to their computers. For an online video editor, this site offers a good range of useful and creative featuresRead More →

Allegany Magazine Online Review: Cumberland Theater “Hint: On Stage” It’s a magical and mysterious tour – a Saturday morning cartoon comes to life By SHANE RIGGS Editor-in-Chief, Allegany Magazine It’s called a game for a reason. Because for an hour or three the actors on stage “play”. They wear fun,Read More →

With ISL Online, simplicity is the watchword. It is a web-based service designed to help technicians quickly and easily establish on-demand support sessions with remote workers, or configure client computers for secure, unattended access. The online portal is a tidy business. To start a new session, simply select the RemoteRead More →

When Billy Shakespeare said, “The play is the stuff” he must have thought of “Our city”. I realize his quote came years before the 1938 Pulitzer Prize winning play was first performed. But “Our City” is our player. It is an American heritage. It’s like that shoebox full of oldRead More →