Gamers are no strangers to MMOs. Massively multiplayer online games have devoured the lives of many over the years, myself included, due to the appeal and longevity of games. The tastes of World of warcraft, and now Neverwinter Achievements on consoles, entice players with endless quests and take on challengingRead More →

What is the difference between “complex” and “disorganized”? Black Desert Online claims to be complicated – and it often is – but its appalling interface and poor introductions to key systems leave you floundering in the early hours of the morning, and sometimes in the later ones too. The approximateRead More →

She came a long way, flying to Los Santos International late at night. It wasn’t what she was running away from that mattered. The past was over. It was the opportunities in his future that mattered to him. As her plane flew over, she looked out over the city, thinkingRead More →

There really isn’t much to say about the free Pokémon trading card game online. It’s the Pokémon trading card game, but the way it’s been recreated for iOS is mundane, technically mediocre, and has very little benefit outside of its connection to the beloved franchise. Even though the PC versionRead More →

The move from Champions Online to free-to-play is very bad news for the criminals of Millennium City. My latest creation, Chill Valentine, can be found in the local park, frosting top hat henchmen with frost bolts. All around me, other heroes unleash their own brand of justice, in the formRead More →

Middle-earth has been a much busier place since Lord of the Rings Online became a free-to-play game. Bree is teeming with adventurers who run between the contacts and crowd around the traders. Elves ride giant goats through the cobbled streets. A hobbit is standing on a wall, playing the LegendRead More →