Cruel online review criticizes Coventry as a ‘dumping ground’ – but we love it

Coventry received a cruel and completely unfair review on a popular website after a visitor called the city a “dumping ground” – particularly targeting the student body.

UK City of Culture 2021 has received heavy criticism on the IliveHere website, which is dedicated to analyzing Britain’s ‘worst places to live’.

From the “dangerous” city center to the “rejects of society”, the critic does not hold back at all.

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So if you like Coventry, you will find a lot here that will make you very angry.

“I have seen many articles here proclaiming Coventry to be a dumping ground, and, despite what primitive Coventrians will tell you in the comments, I can assure you that everything you have read is indeed true: Coventry is a dumping ground. , “began the reviewer.

“While the students sit in their student skyscrapers, the primitive ***** roam the barren wasteland below, often referred to as ‘downtown’.”

It might sound harsh, but the reviewer is just getting started.

They then described everything they thought was wrong in the downtown area, before heading to McDonald’s on Cross Cheaping.

“The Burges itself is a dangerous place to go, littered with bus stops and their associated buses, and… McDonald’s – this area is a hot spot for crimes such as muggings.

“The alley next to McDonald’s (now closed) once served as a public washroom, a place for **** people, and a drug trafficking area.”

The reviewer points out that Coventry city center is a ‘hot spot’ for crime – however, Coventry is in fact the safest city in the West Midlands.

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But it seems the critic’s real gripe is on the students.

It appears that the Examiner is extremely unhappy with the volume of student accommodation in the city center, and he appears to be critical of the students for it.

“While the city center is a hot spot for students and associated accommodation, the outskirts of the city also host a high proportion of students, most of whom do not look when crossing the road,” fumed. the critic.

The anonymous reviewer then turns to the crime in the city, and they leave no stone unturned here either.

“You will often see men coming out of the houses, carrying bags of produce – ready to be sold on your nearest communal estate.

“Most of these products are completely illegal, and you would expect the police to act swiftly on any information provided to ensure the fight against drugs is won.”

They then fired at the police.

Now this is a little unfair. Most recently, Coventry Police dismantled seven County Lines supply chains and seized around £ 200,000 of mostly Class A drugs such as heroin and crack.

Yet after their rant against the police, the disgruntled critic turns to the council’s rebuke.

“The advice… oh yeah, I haven’t talked about it yet. Well, uh, they’re awful. “

The reviewer wasn’t finished there either – taking a look at the kind of people who live in social housing in the city.

“These people are often loud, stupid, fat, and have a lot of bullshit – like elephants at the zoo. Really … the absolute lowest of the low – the rejects of society. Pure dirt.


So the anonymous reviewer is not a Coventry fan at all.

But they are irrelevant.

Coventry has so much to do.

For starters, the city is home to two top-rated universities that the reviewer didn’t mention – but they all focused on demonizing students, which is perhaps why this little detail escaped them.

Then there is the magnificent cathedral which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Not only that, but Coventry also has several outstanding schools and brilliant transport links.

In addition, there are several brilliant shopping malls.

Not to mention, Coventry is home to The Specials and dozens of amazing bands.

It also has an extremely rich manufacturing history, including sewing machine and bicycle factories as well as Daimler, Jaguar, Rover and Triumph.

So while the reviewer may not seem to appreciate all that Coventry has to offer, most of the others do and are proud to call Coventry their home.

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