Free online learning in South Carolina allows students to

Chapin, South Carolina, Aug. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chapin, South Carolina – When COVID-19 took the world by storm, the transition to remote learning was difficult for many school districts who were unprepared to go online, but that was not the case for students who participated Odyssey eLearning. With self-paced modules, constant one-on-one support from educators, and an online presence since 2009, Odyssey Online Learning has empowered South Carolina students in grades 9-12 to learn at a self-guided pace that can conform to a variety of different lifestyles in a way that a traditional school cannot. For those who wish to continue online learning in the 2022-2023 school year, Odyssey is delighted to announce that its registration is live until November.

While many were jaded by remote learning in 2020, the truth is that students can thrive when the right resources, preparation, and guidance are available. Odyssey Online Learning has proudly provided these resources since its inception in 2009, enabling a unique learning model for different lifestyles at zero cost to earn an accredited high school diploma in South Carolina.

Odyssey Online Learning educators are committed to student success and provide one-on-one instruction as needed through its Student Engagement Model (SEM). This model ensures that student needs are personalized by a direct mentor who monitors progress, performance and pace, providing additional resources and virtual meetings as needed. Mentoring of this caliber is often not possible in the traditional school system, especially in South Carolina’s underfunded districts.

Thousands of students from diverse backgrounds have benefited from Odyssey Online Learning. Since classes are self-paced and accessible from anywhere with Wi-Fi, this is a fantastic option for those who:

  • Struggle to keep up in school
  • Excel in school and want to quickly access university
  • Suffer from health problems and regularly miss school
  • Have social anxiety and prefer individualized settings
  • Are athletes/professionals who can pursue their hobbies at a near professional level
  • Have abnormal working hours
  • Often travel with family
  • Coming from a destitute neighborhood
  • And more!

Whether you are a student looking for an online alternative or a parent looking for options for your child, Odyssey Online Learning is committed to providing a learning environment that meets each student’s individual needs. Registration is open now and signing up is an easy five-step process. Although registration is offered year-round, the registration period for the 2022-2023 school year will end on September 30, 2022, and spring applications will open on October 3, 2022. To learn more, visit Odyssey Online Learning website and follow the news via Facebook.


Odyssey Online Learning has been providing high quality education to a wide variety of students by providing alternatives to traditional education since 2009. We strive to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their highest potential in a flexible and adapted framework. educational program that promotes lifelong learning. To find out more, visit Odyssey website.