Gubbare launches new online games “Rocket Ka Attack” and “Race Ka Case”

Gubbare, the children’s channel from the IN10 Media Network house, is set to capture children’s imaginations with interactive digital assets as affinity with the gaming world sees an upward trajectory.

After the success of its original show, Roro Aur Hero Bhoot Mast ZabardastLaunched in April this year, the channel announced the launch of two engaging games and GIFs with today’s digital consumption and usage in mind among children and teens.

As online games grow in popularity and their “always-on” identity offers brands an opportunity to generate value, the channel has developed two competitive games around its main characters – Roro and Hero. Race Ka Cas is based on a simple kid-friendly game where players have to race Roro and Hero through many obstacles on a racing track to win. In addition, Ka rocket attack is an adventure game where Roro and Hero must save themselves from rockets falling from the sky after a school project goes wrong!

To further strengthen the connection between the audience and the show’s characters, the channel has created many GIFs depicting various moods and situations. Today, GIFs have become an integral part of online communication and will help spread awareness of the show as they easily capture attention and have a high viral capacity.

The games and gifs can be enjoyed by kids and teens on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, while the games are available on the channel’s website. The channel has created a solid plan to promote them on social networks and on TV channels.