Japanese scholars provide e-learning materials to Ukrainian children

Japanese scholars have set up e-learning materials to help Ukrainian children continue their education.

Many children have been deprived of educational opportunities since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Since April, scholars from Kyoto University of Education and others have been posting a series of approximately 3-minute videos. They offer explanations in Ukrainian on aspects of mathematics such as fractions.

So far, they have created 76 videos, mostly for elementary school children. They are available for free on a video sharing site.

Ukrainian students and evacuees translate documents online. They were recruited by a venture company that works with Japanese academics.

Evacuee Iryna Derhachova is one of the translators. She says displaced Ukrainian children must be under great stress. She says she hopes they will enjoy learning from the videos and it will bring smiles to them.

Professor Kuroda Yasufumi of Kyoto University of Education points out that children can study anytime, anywhere if they have access to the internet. He says that Ukrainian children should receive educational support so that they can contribute to the reconstruction of their country in the future.