Online learning platform designed for home bakers

BAKE & Make 3.0, the entrepreneurship webinar for pastry enthusiasts, went live on December 1.

The event took place at Star Media Group headquarters in Petaling Jaya and was broadcast on Facebook and Youtube.

A forum highlighted key trends in the bakery industry, discussions on the business model of bakery startups, cloud kitchens, and ways to grow the business.

A panel of industry professionals were on hand to offer baking and business advice, including pastry chefs who gave advice on cake decorating techniques.

As part of the event, Anchor Start Up – a one-of-a-kind online learning platform for bakers built with Kuali under Star Media Group – was launched by Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia.

The e-learning platform at offers 11 personalized courses aimed at strengthening the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of home bakers.

It aims to encourage the proliferation of small bakery businesses.

Bakers registered on the platform also have the opportunity to feature their businesses on The Batter Place, a local online directory.

By listing their businesses this way, bakers are more likely to increase their sales.

Since 2020, Kuali and Anchor have teamed up to distribute newsletters for bakers and pastry chefs as well as to organize pastry competitions.

The collaboration also resulted in cooking demonstrations by Anchor Food Professional chefs streamed live on Facebook as well as entrepreneurial webinars presented by industry experts and influencers.

“This Kuali partnership aims to create a community of home bakers across Malaysia and to focus not only on selling a product, but also on finding services and solutions,” said Jack Tan, Director of food service of Fonterra Brands Malaysia, at StarMetro.

“With Bake & Make 3.0, we are focusing on how we can help home bakers sell more and how we can improve (the knowledge of) our own bakers with a systematic and appropriate educational platform.

“We are working with three home bakers to create these educational modules so that we can help home bakers run their businesses. “

One of the main issues facing home bakers, Tan said, was limiting themselves to selling their products through Instagram and Facebook or word of mouth.

“So we’re looking to help them sell more and reach a wider audience (via The Batter Place).

“With the partnership with Star Media Group, we are looking at how we can build a platform.

“The newly launched start-up will serve as a directory to showcase home baked goods and help them reach new customers and drive traffic to their websites,” Tan added.

He said that with Kuali there was already a segment for home bakers.

“There is a market demand for specialized, personalized and personalized (features), hence our focus on how we can support them through different marketing and education tools.

“For future (efforts) with Kuali and Star Media Group, next year will see activation on the ground to reach more people.

“I believe there is a digital fatigue. Therefore, going back to the field and engaging the base, working face to face as well as giving them live demonstrations, real education and support in terms of materials and education will have an impact in the coming months ”, Tan added.