Let’s face it: you’re never too old to play games. While we still love holding real controllers in our hands and dominating our opponents with physical moves, we also love a good video game. They are great for taking little mental breaks at work or between classes and can beRead More →

Montgomery County Public Schools Logo With Montgomery County public school students not expected to return to public schools until April 24 at the earliest due to the spread of the coronavirus, officials rolled out the first phase of their learning plan Monday in line. Jack Smith, Superintendent of Montgomery CountyRead More →

Platform: PS4Editor: International idea factoryDeveloper: Idea Factory / Compile Heart / TamsoftMedium: Digital/DiscPlayers: 1-4In line: YesESRB: E10+ I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise. Specifically, I generally love when the series tries something new and hate when it sticks to its usual JRPG formula. Considering CyberdimensionRead More →

The common desire to maximize available information is pretty much taken for granted. More data leads to better decision-making at all levels, from policymakers to buyers, business leaders to home hunters – which in turn generates greater public benefits. Such an attitude prevailed before the digital revolution and the InternetRead More →

Did you know that you can earn money simply by participating in activities on the web? In fact, making money on the web is more satisfying than ever. If you like internet gaming and have hands-on experience with active gaming, you should definitely consider playing for real money. It isRead More →

In August I had the opportunity to try the beta for Astellia online, and I was pleasantly surprised at the promise the MMO showed. Maybe it was the fact that Classic WoW was days away from discontinuation, which made a new self-proclaimed “traditional” MMO so appealing. Of course, there wereRead More →

Must know What is that? Action-RPG with MOBA heroes.Expect to pay: $ 30 / £ 20Developer: Crazy head gamesEditor: Wargaming.netRevised on: Windows 10, AMD FX-8350, 8 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 960Multiplayer: 2 players online (missions only)Link: Official site THE BEST OFFERS OF THE DAY Playing Pagan Online is grinding yourRead More →

Nintendo offers a Netflix-style subscription service for classic NES and Super NES games. The service, named “Nintendo Switch Online,” costs $ 20 per year. While Nintendo Switch Online is light on features, it’s worth the insanely low cost of entry – and it just had a huge addition with aRead More →

Think of all the places where it is now possible to post a review online. From transportation services and hotel stays to the meal or movie you just bought, it seems people are asking for five-star reviews almost everywhere. That’s because in the digital age, much of the customer experienceRead More →

pagan online attracted me with its collection of distinct heroes and a campaign story loosely based on Slavic mythology. The gods of this world are gone, and it’s up to the hero to save them before darkness envelops everything. It seemed like an exciting, albeit relatively straightforward, task for thisRead More →

Young people are spending more and more time on devices. Children between eight and 12 years old spend nearly six hours online a day on average. Although this statistic seems quite high, it is important to consider what children are doing online. There are many educational websites and online gamesRead More →

Who would have thought when the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 that we would have virtually every genre imaginable represented in one form or another. Line shooters. Competitive fighting games. Full ARPGs. the parcel. Who would have thought that we would have full-fledged MMORPGs on a Nintendo portable console? AndRead More →

Wisely, Rockstar apparently focused Red Dead OnlineThe microtransactions of on cosmetic items, such as clothes, nicer digs, designs for your guns, and the aforementioned fast commute – okay, I’ll shut up on that. There don’t appear to be any hidden payout opportunities in these microtransactions yet, but with the in-gameRead More →

ReviewPush is the review management partner of choice for over 10,000 businesses due to its highly configurable solution for accessing relevant business data. With ReviewPush, customers can monitor third-party reviews from multiple sources such as Google, Facebook, and now Yelp, to display insights in dashboards customized to the needs ofRead More →

Space, the final frontier, is the journeys of the Picard spacecraft, its mission continues forever – to explore the sparse worlds of Star Trek Online, seek out and talk to poorly designed characters with impossibly smooth faces, boldly go where MMOs have gone before. So, with Star Trek turning 50Read More →

Gamers are no strangers to MMOs. Massively multiplayer online games have devoured the lives of many over the years, myself included, due to the appeal and longevity of games. The tastes of World of warcraft, and now Neverwinter Achievements on consoles, entice players with endless quests and take on challengingRead More →

What is the difference between “complex” and “disorganized”? Black Desert Online claims to be complicated – and it often is – but its appalling interface and poor introductions to key systems leave you floundering in the early hours of the morning, and sometimes in the later ones too. The approximateRead More →

Pearl Abyss’ black desert online is an incredibly detailed and visually stunning MMORPG that succeeds in just about everything but having a beating heart and soul. black desert online represents the latest effort from game developers attempting to rekindle the industry’s dying passion for the MMORPG genre. The game, whichRead More →

She came a long way, flying to Los Santos International late at night. It wasn’t what she was running away from that mattered. The past was over. It was the opportunities in his future that mattered to him. As her plane flew over, she looked out over the city, thinkingRead More →

Amidst hands clamoring for football fans on the next entry into the Fifa series, EnjoyUp Games saw a gap in the market, namely the 3DS eShop, and therefore decided to release its original Football Up 3D. Not content to simply remain a subpar local multiplayer experience, Online Soccer has sinceRead More →

There really isn’t much to say about the free Pokémon trading card game online. It’s the Pokémon trading card game, but the way it’s been recreated for iOS is mundane, technically mediocre, and has very little benefit outside of its connection to the beloved franchise. Even though the PC versionRead More →

For brands, the ever-changing role of social media in marketing has been fraught with errors and miscalculations – the case of Union Street Guest House charging customers $500 for every negative review of its services posted online is the latest example. But the Union Street Guest House misstep highlights anRead More →

THE BEST OFFERS OF THE DAY Since its inception, The Elder Scrolls Online has tried to meet the demands of two very different audiences. Die-hard ‘Scrolls fans who demand depth and the ability to go it alone, and MMO enthusiasts who seek a steady stream of fresh and exciting adventuresRead More →

Game Information Platform Win, Mac, PS4, Xbox One Editor Bethesda Softworks Developer ZeniMax Online Studios Release date April 4, 2014 Editor’s Note: With The Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda Softworks and developer Zenimax Online Studios aren’t just targeting MMO fans. Instead, ESO is presented as a complete Elder Scrolls experience. That’sRead More →

Dressing up in tight rubberized clothes and going out on the city streets to beat up “criminals” is frowned upon in a decent society, and, we guess, considering what the tabloids would have to say about it , it’s probably for the best. There’s no need to worry, however, PlayStationRead More →

rRootage Online is a version of the PC original rRootage, one of ABA Studios’ best productions, which has only one employee: the brilliant Kenta Cho. Cho has been making games for over a decade now, mostly shoot-’em-ups, and giving everything he does for free; it’s an attitude that he saysRead More →

In most online RPGs, you play as a single hero. In Age of Empires Online free game, you are a city. You start out as a Greek or Egyptian canton, and must grow into a sprawling metropolis capable of training the most powerful units your chosen civilization has to offer.Read More →

The move from Champions Online to free-to-play is very bad news for the criminals of Millennium City. My latest creation, Chill Valentine, can be found in the local park, frosting top hat henchmen with frost bolts. All around me, other heroes unleash their own brand of justice, in the formRead More →

Middle-earth has been a much busier place since Lord of the Rings Online became a free-to-play game. Bree is teeming with adventurers who run between the contacts and crowd around the traders. Elves ride giant goats through the cobbled streets. A hobbit is standing on a wall, playing the LegendRead More →