Rugby slammed in blunt online review for ‘multilingual street drinkers’ and ‘budding drug dealers’

Rugby was the subject of a scathing attack in a rather shocking online review.

An anonymous individual took to the satirical iLiveHere website to share his honest take on the unsuspecting city – and they didn’t hold back in the slightest.

Despite its scenic spots and rich local heritage, the anonymous reviewer expressed his dislike for the small town.

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So, if you love rugby, get ready to blast.

It starts with the insult: “So where do you start … when you’d rather not do it?” What’s not to love about Drugby? “

Start as we want to continue, I guess.

As if denigrating Rugby wasn’t enough, the grumpy critic launches a commentary on the town’s location by insulting two other locations in the process.

They say Rugby is sandwiched between Coventry which they see as a ‘post-war mess’ and Northampton which this individual says is a ‘hell hole’. Charming.

But what seemed to be their main gripe is the city’s so-called drug problem, which the critic attributes to the lack of police patrolling the streets.

“This is a perfect starter patch for those who want to be drug traffickers as the police station closes at 5 p.m. leaving 8 officers to cover the entire district and four of them at some point will slack off in there. Local truck stop on the M1 or otherwise interfere with law-abiding taxpayers traveling on the M6 ​​or A45.

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It’s true that rugby has grappled with a handful of drug-related offenses in recent times, but it seems a bit unfair to blame the Warwickshire Police and assume that they just aren’t doing their job. .

After their rant about the Rugby Police, the critic goes on to attack the town’s traffic cops.

They say sarcastically: “We are fortunate to have conscientious traffic cops who will happily ticket your car multiple times if you dare leave it in one of the money seizure areas designated by the surrounding council. the city center and the train station. “

But is it really true?

Well, there are a significant number of places in Rugby where your vehicle will likely be tagged, particularly around the city center, however, this is true pretty much everywhere in Coventry and Warwickshire – not just Rugby.

Then the disgruntled critic moves on to his attack on different parts of rugby while revealing that they will be leaving the town, which, after all, their qualms seems like their best idea yet.

“I lived (let’s say lived while moving) in the mysterious area known as the Crack Triangle: the diverse section of Rugby between Wood St, Oxford St and Railway Terrace where you can easily find any drug you want or a Euromart happy to provide you with a chemically strong flavored lager for just a pound.

In his crusade against this small town, the individual then questions the inhabitants by depicting them as the foam of the streets.

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“If in doubt about the availability of drugs in this area, don’t hesitate to ask one of the many multilingual street drinkers or ask the nervous-looking people waiting to score on Pinders Lane.

“If in the very unlikely event that no one is available to help you with your purchase, feel free to stroll down Craven Road until you are mobbed by one of the local demons wrapped up like a Sherpa on the point to tackle Everest, even if it’s mid-summer when you spot the rich aroma of devil’s lettuce.

Despite the critic’s claims that Rugby is full of unsavory criminals, the merchant town’s crime rates tell a whole different story, as Rugby is Warwickshire’s safest large town.

No, unfortunately they are not yet complete.

To conclude their tirade, the reviewer discusses a recent poll which found rugby to be one of the best places to live in Warwickshire.

But they weren’t going to have that – instead, they sarcastically wondered if this had to be the case, then there must be something bad in the rest of the region.

“Some pranksters claiming to be a journalist recently touted a poll claiming that in Warwickshire one of the best places to live was actually rugby. Although I don’t doubt his good intentions [allegedly] Functionally alcoholic cheerleader for the area, you must ask tough questions about the condition of the rest of the county.

Overall, it is clear that this despised individual totally despises rugby and cannot understand how others can bear to live in it.

But is it quite fair?

Rugby has many strengths and is culturally rich in heritage.

Firstly, the market town is located near the river Avon and therefore offers idyllic views.

There’s also a great mix of dining and shopping, including department store favorites and popular independent businesses, so there’s something for everyone.

Rugby also has several exceptional schools as well as the brand new Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Center which offers residents a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Wrestler Chris Adams and actor Tim Pigott Smith were also born in the neighborhood.

Rugby is also the cradle of the sport which bears its name thanks to William Web. But did you also know that the small town actually inspired the birth of the modern Olympic Games?

Founder of the International Olympic Committee, Pierre de Coubertin revealed that the rugby school and its famous director Dr Thomas Arnold inspired him to found the modern Olympic games.

So, despite the anonymous critic’s aversion to the city, many others love rugby and are proud to call it home.

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