Simpliv e-learning platform is changing the lives of hundreds and thousands of people

Education has always been considered the most vital part of a child’s growth. Unfortunately, our education has some flaws that have yet to be recognized. While education policy states that everyone should receive basic education, not everyone receives it. Many disadvantaged and poor people cannot afford it. In addition, our education system is designed in such a way that the fish are also supposed to climb the tree and if this is not possible you are treated like a jerk. While this seems unfair, it is the harsh reality of our education system. However, many online platforms are being set up to find solutions. Simpliv Learning is one of the best online education platforms for people who want to develop their skills.

Shahanshah Manzoor established Simpliv Learning with the goal of providing better learning opportunities for everyone. Simpliv Learning is a global digital marketplace that offers online training and courses on a variety of topics. The platform has an easy to use user interface and is thoughtfully designed to help learners. Simpliv Learning believes in quality education and provides the best course instructors. Classes are affordable even for someone from the poorest strata of society, as all they need is a phone and an internet connection. In addition, some courses are accessible free of charge. The starting prices for some of the courses on the platform are as low as $ 2.99. Simpliv Learning understands that the digital market is changing and has started to focus on people with skills rather than degrees. Nowadays, if you are qualified in a certain field, you can be employed. Therefore, their learning aims to provide the learner with the best and most relevant possible.

Simpliv Learning works with a team of professionals and experts who aim for the proper functioning of this learning platform. You have the choice of attending live lessons or recorded sessions as per your convenience. The company aims to provide quality education to all without being biased. They’re process and people-oriented and don’t focus much on revenue. The company believes Simpliv is the passport to the future for those who struggle to find a ground where they can stand without fear of falling. The courses are suitable for people of all ages and from all fields, for any reason, such as learning to improve their knowledge or acquire the skills necessary to change professions. Also, the resources come in various formats like video lectures, audio lectures as some of us are audio learners while others may be visual learners.

Simplified learning aims to bridge the gap between people and education. Their belief that education has the power to change the world and their dedication to the cause is admirable and amazing. Simpliv strongly believes in Albert Einstein’s quote that “Education is not about learning facts, but training the mind to think.” Each course on the platform will not only make you strong theoretically, but also make you stronger on technical aspects. They aim to help you apply virtually everything you learn in the course. Obviously, only a few such platforms are really trying to help people learn without a second thought. They are transparent with their course prices and the operation of the website. They have one of the most active and helpful customer support services. Simpliv Learning stands for what it stands for and works for you.

They aim to grow the business globally over the next five years and become the best market leader in the online learning industry. Simpliv Learning is aware of the situation of our education system and actively participates in uplifting the citizens of the country.

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