New Jersey, United States,- we published research papers for “Global Online Skill Games Market Report, Trends and Forecast 2022-2029, Insights by Company, Region, Product and Application”. The market production capacity, production volume, sales volume, sales, price and future trend of online skill games explained. We will focus on the productRead More →

Express press service KOCHI: If online loan providers earlier targeted those affected by financial hardship during the Covid crisis, the same loan sharks these days are targeting children addicted to online games. The police and NGOs operating in the cybersecurity sector have received complaints about threatening calls received by childrenRead More →

It seems that, in a way, time is speeding up. Everything is going faster and faster in our society, and this is largely due to technology. One of the areas that has had the most impact is online gambling and betting. Games are faster to start, faster to start, andRead More →

Online games are fast becoming one of the most popular forms of online entertainment. In recent years, the number of people enjoying the game has increased, and in many countries the market has been subject to new regulations, making it safer and more accessible. Online games include all types ofRead More →

Are you interested in showing Netflix video games but won’t be able to get the video games featured by the streaming service? Don’t panic, there is an easy way to deal with this problem. Netflix just launched its Netflix Gaming provider on November 2, 2021 just after months of buzzRead More →

Online games. There are many online games available to play on the Internet. With the evolution of technology, now we have mobile apps for a plethora of games, you can play Temple run, Candy Crush, Farmville. You can play shooting games from your cell phone, card games, whatever you canRead More →

“Grand Theft Auto Online” will join a growing list of outdated games on older platforms in December when Rockstar Game shuts down the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Why is this important: Preservation of video games is one of the biggest challenges when it comes toRead More →

Free Online Games Without Downloading: Over the past decade, the gaming industry has experienced a boom resulting in an increase in the number of fans and many users. There are websites that you can use to download various games and play on your own computer. However, there are all kindsRead More →

When Alex Bennett, a network programmer in Seattle, created in 2018, he couldn’t have imagined the impact the multiplayer puzzle website would have during COVID-19. “It was a bit of a sleepy little game,” Bennett said. “There were players, but he had 200 or 400 a day.” However, afterRead More →