When it comes to playing online casino games for real money, players often want to know why they should play at certain casinos. What sets them apart from the crowd? Do they use software or mobile apps? Have they ever won big jackpots? You don’t always have to play withRead More →

86% of parents allow their children to play online games recommended for older children File Published: Thu 17 Feb 2022, 15:22 Last update: Thu 17 Feb 2022, 17:07 Online games have increased in the region and a new report reveals that children in the United Arab Emirates spend more thanRead More →

Even despite the fact that PUBG and other online games have led several young people to commit suicide, kill others and engage in other types of violence in family and society in Pakistan, authorities have failed to prevent teenagers and children from accessing harmful games. Recently, a PUBG addicted teenagerRead More →

With the emergence of online education – which became more prominent amid the Covid-19 pandemic – school children in most countries of the world, including here in Kashmir, stayed at home during the most of the last two years. Staying at home means that education must also take place outsideRead More →

Naruto is arguably one of the most popular animes. With Dragon Balls, Naruto has captured the hearts of fans around the world. And most Naruto fans want to get their hands on the best Naruto online games to play for free. Therefore, we have created an article and accumulated gamesRead More →

MPL, the multi-game mobile platform, has taken the online gaming world by storm. It offers over 12 fascinating mobile games to play under one roof. This gaming app has unique features that keep users engaged and captivated throughout. The in-house team has designed and developed each game, providing a versatileRead More →

Online games. There are many online games available to play on the Internet. With the evolution of technology, now we have mobile apps for a plethora of games, you can play Temple run, Candy Crush, Farmville. You can play shooting games from your cell phone, card games, whatever you canRead More →

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After many years of exclusivity in Japan, Touken Ranbu: Online has finally arrived in the West. For those unfamiliar with the plot of the series, the year is 2205. An army of monsters attempts to alter the history of Japan by killing important historical figures, causing the famous “butterfly effect”.Read More →