TikTok and 10 Minute School launch #EkshoTeEksho e-learning campaign

Popular short-video sharing platform TikTok has announced the launch of its #EduTok e-learning campaign in Bangladesh, in collaboration with 10 Minute School, a leading online education platform in the country. Titled #EkshoTeEksho, this month-long campaign will feature some of the country’s most popular #EduTok creators creating and posting educational content across multiple categories.

TikTok launched the #EduTok hashtag with the broader goal of democratizing learning in the region and making educational content accessible to everyone. Having garnered billions of views to date, #EduTok has become the go-to place for creators to learn from each other and gain new skills and knowledge. Content can range from academics or professional skills like public speaking, debating, writing to artistic skills like painting, photography, videography, and editing. There will be more content categories covering cooking skills, sports tips, music, and other skills. like drawing, origami, rubik’s cube solving, and more.

The #EkshoTeEksho challenge, piloted by TikTok and 10 Minute School, will invite participants on the platform to post their content in response to the questions presented to them. Users can follow the #EkshoTeEksho to enjoy insightful content and learn new skills and information every day.

In Bangladesh, the #EkshoTeEksho campaign is set to be the first of its kind, featuring some of the country’s most popular educational content creators like Ayman Sadiq, Munzeeren Shahid, Enayet Chowdhury, Khalid Farhan, and many more. The campaign aims to provide easy access to educational content on the platform for young Bangladeshis across the country.