TimesPro: E-Learning Solutions Company TimesPro Launches Web 3.0 Learning Programs

Skills and e-learning solutions company TimesPro said on Thursday it had launched a mix of certificate and self-study programs in emerging technologies like blockchain and Web 3.0.

These programs have been developed in collaboration with industry partners and institutes such as Indian Institute of Technology Delhi; iHub Divyasampark (IIT-Roorkee) and India Blockchain Alliance.

TimesPro will offer three self-paced programs – “Getting Started with Web 3.0”, “Blockchain Fundamentals and Solidity” and “Ethereum Smart Contracts” as well as three certificate programs in blockchain, fintech as well as a blockchain development program.

“India’s blockchain program is for early-career learning while the other two hybrid programs are executive programs for working professionals,” said Anish Srikrishna, CEO of TimesPro.

In addition to core learning, career services such as resume preparation, one-on-one mentoring with industry experts, and expert sessions will be part of the program.

Programs will be delivered through TimesPro’s Learning Management System (LMS).

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The firm is also studying the possibility of providing courses on the Metaverse.

“So we hope to play a role in shaping the supply of appropriate technology talent, especially since, you know, only 45% of engineers are actually employable. We hope to add to the qualification initiatives in the country,” Srikrishna said.

The company already recruits talent for many private banks for entry-level and talent development programs, outside of major employers in the country, he said.

Blended courses will be accessible via video learning modules for groups of up to 100 students at a time.

“We have two types of courses, self-paced courses already available on our website, anyone can join. So all of these, even hybrids, will be available around December for learners,” said Mohan Silaparasetty, Head of Technology Programs, TimesPro.

The hybrid programs will cost around Rs 2 lakh per candidate according to the collaborating institute.

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