Why SaaS Assessment Sites Are Essential To Your Online Assessment Strategy

As humans, we want to get the most out of every day and every dollar we spend.

We take the time to consider the options before making a decision and in the process of learning what we love, we meet other people with similar values. These people become our circle of trusted peers to whom we turn for advice on important decisions.

Business-to-business buying is no different. Before investing in a new product, companies go through a long decision-making process. Part of this process is reading the reviews of existing customers. Decision makers from companies of similar sizes and industries who have similar values ​​can rely on each other to gain insight into what they like and don’t like about a product – even if they don’t. do not know each other personally.

While companies could, in theory, directly ask for this information, customer review sites make this process transparent. Customer review sites are useful resources where businesses can access this information in one place for any product they are considering.

Who benefits from online reviews?

Any business can benefit from customer reviews. The feedback that user reviews provide to sellers, as well as the information they provide to buyers, is unmatched. However, in the world of B2B shopping, they carry a bit more weight.

There’s a lot more at stake when you invest in a solution for an entire organization, including higher costs, more stakeholders, and a longer decision-making process.

The following organizations can particularly benefit from online customer reviews:

  • SaaS companies: There are seemingly endless options for B2B for every type of software. Reviews can serve as a buying guide for the customer.
  • Offline solution vendors: When equipping an entire office, companies want to make sure they have the most reliable hardware on the market. Users of these products can provide it.
  • Agencies: When choosing an agency, organizations want to obtain information about previous clients to ensure that the agency can meet their specific needs.

The value of customer review sites

The good news is that there are dedicated customer review websites to help you make your business look great and create more exposure for your products. Best of all, you can statistically expect to earn more income once you claim your profile on these sites.

Software markets aggregate reviews of SaaS products into distinct categories, determine rankings based on customer satisfaction and usage, and offer that information to buyers.

Here are some other reasons for building a presence on customer review sites like G2 is beneficial for businesses.

More exposure

It can seem counterproductive to put effort into a review platform that shows your competition right next to your own profile. Why would anyone want their rivals listed on the same page with testimonials that potentially showcase them?

Think of it this way: A buyer may need a product like yours, but may not know about your business. The buyer will likely do a generic search for your product’s software category and find your solution.

Focusing on online reputation management and building your profile on product review sites increases your chances of generating leads on review sites.

For example, suppose you have project management software called Clipboard. If buyers don’t know about your business, but know they need to improve their project management strategy, they may search for “project management software”. If you have a strong presence on software review sites and have generated your own customer reviews, you can increase conversion rates from the software market to your website and reduce the sales funnel.

More social proof

Most buyers have a review site they trust to help them make buying decisions. And if your product isn’t listed, you’re missing out on the opportunity to provide the social proof needed to secure those buyers’ businesses.

Social proof is vital for buyers when deciding whether or not to buy a product. If you fail to generate software reviews on relevant sites, customers will look elsewhere for that information. It sacrifices your control over how your business is represented.

Social proof can also appear in other places. When you generate reviews on external sites, you can use rich snippets schema markup to display these notices when your website appears on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

reviews in SERP

More authority on the website

Vendor profiles on review sites include a link to their website. Gaining links from reputable review sites helps establish more authority for your online presence.

If the search engines trust the review site, and they probably do so because of relevant and comprehensive content, then this link shows that your site is worth listing. It goes beyond fairness, giving your brand an edge in search engine optimization (SEO) and organic search.

More insight

Typically, businesses use customer review sites to generate leads and convert them into buyers. Businesses can even take advantage of it to gain insight into potential prospects. However, there is an even more obvious value for businesses in customer reviews: feedback.

Converting potential buyers into new customers after they’ve visited your profile on a review site is a big win. However, it is important not to overlook feedback from existing customers. Gather this information and use it to improve your products, your purchasing process and client experience. Take into account the opinions of your customers. After all, you shouldn’t be focusing on generating new business if your current customers aren’t happy.

Customer review sites also offer insight into how your product stacks up against your competition in terms of features, price, and market share. If another provider has twice as many reviews as you and the content is newer, then you need to rethink your review collection strategy.

And finally, customer reviews can help fuel your content marketing strategy. You can analyze reviews, select common themes, and create content around those topics to educate customers about recurring ideas.

More opportunities for customer feedback

All data is good data. You want to collect all the information possible to make your product, your business and your customer experience pleasant and rewarding. When you invest in your presence on customer review sites, it opens up more opportunities for customers to give you the feedback you need to build relationships.

Let reviews do the work for you

The more you are on review sites, the more people will talk about your product – simply and simply. These conversations create useful content for buyers in the marketplace who want to make a purchase.

The more high-quality reviews you can produce, the more context buyers have to help them take the next step in the buying process. Review sites provide the perfect platform to host these discussions.

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