Wyoming Department of Health Offers Free Online Learning for Seniors

The Wyoming Department of Health offers free online learning opportunities, including live interactive lessons, for older Wyoming residents.

That’s according to a press release from the Department of Health, which is teaming up with the online organization GetSetUp, to provide Wyoming seniors with opportunities to explore the online world.

Jeff Clark, who is the head of the community health section of the WDH Aging Division, said the digital education platform ‘GetSetUp’ is designed to help older people bridge the digital divide, which will help them. to fight against social isolation while leading a more connected life.

Clark said virtual classes are taught by seniors, for seniors, and more than 500 classes are available each week.

“We want to encourage our older residents to regularly engage with technology for social, informational and medical reasons,” Clark said. “We want them to learn new things, meet new people and discover new life experiences. “

Some of the online courses include:

  • Digital Divide – Learn how to use digital devices and access critical digital services (e.g. Zoom, Gmail, smartphones, e-health, etc.)
  • Physical Health – Classes include healthy cooking and evidence-based classes such as TaiChi, QiGong, and line dancing.
  • Mental Health Courses – Courses available on dementia, caring for loved ones with dementia, stress reduction, and even chair meditation.
  • Social Health – These are interest groups hosted by other members of the community on topics ranging from gardening to travel to pets.
  • Occupational Health – Help seniors upgrade and re-enter the workforce with courses such as PowerPoint, Word, LinkedIn profiles, and how to build websites.
  • And more.

“Lifelong learning is healthy for all of us,” said Clark. “The Internet is part of everyday life. It is important that older people feel safe and comfortable online. The courses offered by this program will help.

These courses are free for residents of the state. The program is available online at this address. Residents are encouraged to use coupon code “Wyoming” when booking classes to avoid any charges.

For more information, residents can contact the Wyoming Department of Health at 307-777-6420.

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